I am a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters. It’s amazing I’m here at all.


she wears short skirts

i wear nothing because i am the disembodied incorporeal form

she’s a flapper

i am the eyes of T. J. Eckelburg


heteronormativity is so weird like yesterday I was at my aunts beach house and some of her in-laws brought over this small baby. and the baby puts it’s hand on it’s brow to keep the sun out of it’s eyes and his father says “look at that! Leon is looking for girls!” Leon is eight months old I don’t think he knows what a girl is yet

Blondie VHS edits: Blondie (1976)


new aesthetic: halloweenpunk

  • costumes
  • the faint smell of candy in the air
  • spooky lawn decorations
  • graveyards
  • fog machines
  • orange/purple/black color scheme
  • jack o lanterns
  • monsters and other various creatures of the night
  • fake blood
  • skeleton gifs
  • music ranging from ghostbusters to monster mash to thriller

reblog for halloweenpunk like for halloweenpunk

eyYYYyyy so i thought i posted this but apparently i didn’t : anyway im at kate’s until the 2nd of august and am probably not gonna be postin much!!! or at all. but anyway. i have not died. radical

Y O U  A R E  N O W  E N T E R I N G  C R I C K E T  H E L L @kpansy

Y O U A R E N O W E N T E R I N G C R I C K E T H E L L @kpansy


Trevor Paglen - They Watch the Moon (2010)

"This photograph depicts a classified ‘listening station’ deep in the forests of West Virginia.

The station is located at the center of the National Radio Quiet Zone, a region of approximately 34,000 square kilometers in West Virginia and parts of Maryland.

Within the Quiet Zone, radio transmissions are severely restricted: omnidirectional and high-powered transmissions (such as wireless internet devices and FM radio stations) are not permitted.

The listening station, which forms part of the global ECHELON system, was designed in part to take advantage of a phenomenon called moonbounce.

Moonbounce involves capturing communications and telemetry signals from around the world as they escape into space, hit the moon, and are reflected back towards Earth.

The photograph is a long exposure under the full moon light.”


When kids scream in public


#it’s like a fucking scooby doo episode how is this the show i’ve cried endless tears over




The artist behind this is Arthur Tress. 




Nicktheartisticfreak aka Nick Patterson (Canada) - Sunset, 2012     Drawings


Nicktheartisticfreak aka Nick Patterson (Canada) - Sunset, 2012     Drawings